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Return and exchange

When purchasing online, the user has the right, according to Art. 55, para. 1 of the Consumer Protection Act, to refuse the goods received within fourteen days from the date of receipt of the goods, without owing compensation or penalty. In this case, the online store will reimburse the user the amounts paid by him no later than 14 days, starting from the date on which the user exercised his right to refuse the goods, according to Art. 55, para. 6 of the Consumer Protection Act.

The user is obliged to store the goods received from the online store during the period of art. 55, para. 1 of the Consumer Protection Act. In order to return the purchased products, it is a mandatory condition that they are returned in a proper commercial condition, without having been used and without the integrity of the packaging being damaged. The products must correspond to the form in which they were received by the user. Products that do not meet these conditions are not subject to return or refusal.

The user has the right to complain at :

  • Factory defect
  • Inconsistency with the ordered goods
  • Deficits detected

In these cases, all return shipping costs are at the expense of the online store.

The user has the right to:

  • Refund is made by bank transfer to an account provided by the customer and after receiving the product back or receiving proof that the product has been sent back, whichever is earlier
  • Replacement of the product / if it is impossible to replace with the same product, a similar product in terms of price and characteristics is offered. If this is not possible, the amount will be refunded
  • Repair
  • Discount from the price

When returning purchased goods at the customer's request according to Art. 55, para. 1 of the PPE, all transport costs are at the customer's expense. If you wish to return the product in person, please contact us for instructions.

When the user wants to withdraw from the remote contract, he informs the Supplier of his decision before the expiration of the period under para. 1 of this article. To exercise his right of withdrawal, the User can use the standard form for OPT, or otherwise unequivocally state your decision to opt out of the contract. The User has exercised his right to withdraw from the contract if he has sent a message to the Supplier to exercise his right to withdraw before the expiry of the period under para. 1

If, upon receipt of the goods, the packaging is damaged due to improper transportation or there are shortages caused by the delivery company, the claim and insurance will be honored only in the presence of the courier. In this case, please contact us immediately (see Contact section). The complaint is certified by a note in the courier's bill of lading.

A protocol is drawn up, which describes the ascertained condition of the shipment and its packaging. In the event that you accept the shipment at your own risk and do not present your claims to the courier, the claim may be considered invalid. In any case, contact us, we will always find a solution.